Here are the questions I most often get asked about my paintings:

How do you get those amazing effects? 

I liquify my acrylic paint to get the colours and shades I want, mix in a pouring medium to the special consistency that ‘feels’ just right and then add in a particular kind of oil to aid cell creation. For a large canvas I might have over seven pints of liquid, which I pour onto the canvas in a certain way. I then manipulate the liquid acrylic using my own technique often with a variety of household objects and my painting emerges. Simples! It is very messy and I am usually in trouble with my wife, when paint ends up everywhere.

How long does it take?

Sometimes it can take a few hours to create and stir my colour mix to the right consistency and quantity. It requires all my questionable mathematical skills to work out how much I need! Applying and manipulating the paint on the canvas takes up to an hour and then drying time can be a few days. Finally, I have to consider whether to leave it as it is or add a varnish or glassy resin finish.

Where do you get the ideas?

Inspiration is everywhere … in colours, locations, the environment or simply in things people say. The ideas come thick and fast and once the concept has formed in my head, I am compelled to try and make it work. For example Volcanic Inferno came about because my young grandson asked me to paint a volcanic eruption spewing out bright red and yellow flames amidst black smoke. Ripples In The Pool came to me whilst literally staring down into a swimming pool whilst on holiday. I was fascinated by the shapes and ripples and it made me think of the cell paintings I do. There is always an idea.

Can you do a painting for my home or business?

Yes … I do commissions. I will ask where it is to go and if there is any colour scheme or branding that is preferred. I then work out by discussion what is possible and get to work.