I am making available downloadable and printable JPEGs of some of my exhibited and sold artwork, with 100% being donated to Cancer RelaCare, who like many charities have seen a downturn in their fundraising because of Coronavirus. Click here to be taken to my official Virgin Money page to make your donation.

In return for any donation, every little helps, you can select from several paintings. So all you need to do now is to click here for full details and to donate, then click here to view the paintings to choose from.

Once you have decided which painting(s) you would like, let me know your choice by filling in  the contact page, or emailing me directly at ian@iancooper.co.uk

I will then email you your JPEG.

You will receive a printable JPEG of my original acrylic abstract painting. You can then print it at home to frame, or send it on to an online print website provider for large prints to frame or to have printed directly onto canvas.

Want to know what the prints look like on the wall, take a look here for a sample selection.

By the way, if you decide that you would like an original painting, as a private commission for your own size and colour scheme, let me know and 50% of whatever the agreed price is, will still go to Chai Cancer Care as a donation, with the remainder as a contribution towards expenditure on materials and delivery. Note that you can request your private commission without obligation. You will see a photo of your painted picture first and only when you have approved it will you need to make your donation on the official charity site and pay the balance to me. If you don’t like the picture you don’t need to go ahead at all.